Rule No 1.

Today I was at the doctors and got my blood pressure and weight taken. This is nothing new and a regular occurrence for me. However, when I stepped on the scales I found out I had put on 2kg in the past three months. My instant reaction was that of slight deviation.

Let me explain why.

Over the past 3 months I have been exercising nearly every day focusing mainly on cardio and toning but not muscle building.  Having done exercise every day leaves a feeling of achievement and satisfaction of being able to see it through and stick to a program each day. My cardio workout is anything from 30 mind to 1 hour following tutorials and vlogs on YouTube.

The program I follow is designed to focus on a different area of the body each day. I, however, usually only follow the cardio each day and one area video and add in some of my favorite cardio work out. One thing that is a main focus of this programs videos is about becoming stronger with in yourself and not focusing on the weight loss or how skinny you can become. It’s about being comfortable with who you are and enjoying the exercise that you do.

I think the after listening and working out to her video over the past few months had actually helped me gain body confidence and start to become comfortable with what my body is like.

The second reason that the weight gain knocked me out of sink is that I have actually been eating a healthy and balanced diet, without having days where I only want to eat sugary processed food or skip all meals until dinner. Neither of these options are particularly great for your body or your health. Some of you may think that skipping a few meals is fine but once you start to think that and it becomes the norm it can be detrimental to your health, physiological state and you attitude towards life.

Only recently I have started to come to terms with what is a ‘healthy balanced diet’. My relationship with food has never been great. As a child I used to drink a lot of whole fat milk right before a meals. This meant that my stomach gave off the signals that it was full and I ate very little at meal times. I grew up on a farm and milk was  never in short supply, so I continued this habit up until I left home.

Now I realise that most of my food issues stem from my childhood and my own beliefs that I was doing the right thing- consuming lots of the one food I enjoyed- milk.

So after being told I put on the 2kg after having actively implemented a healthy balanced diet and active life style it knocked but I realise that it is just my bodies change and adaptation to the lifestyle changes I have made. 2kg is retrospective not that much, some might be shocked by that statement.

So hear is me reasoning:
1. My clothes still fit the same as they did before I was weighed,
2. I am an active being that does something every day to raise the heart rate
3. I implemented rule No.1 always feel sexy.
If all three of these reasons are working and they continue to work then all is well.

I was once told by a friend as we were standing in the bottom of a corrie in the Cairngorms with wind in our face, tears streaming for our eyes and snot being whipped from our noses by the wind. “Rule No1. Always feel sexy”. At this point I was thinking to myself “I couldn’t be further from sexy if I tried”. I had on more layers than I though humanly possible and my looks resembled the Michelin man. But underneath all that what was left, a body that I was using to push myself and achieve my goals. My body was proving to me no matter how may layers of clothes were on top or how much snot was across my face, as long as I felt sexy on the inside I was doing the right thing.

After coming out the doctors and reflecting on it on the way home I remembered this rule and thought to myself “Do I feel sexy? Am I using my body and pushing it each day to achieve something?” Yes I am therefore what does a few kilograms here and there matter, for all I know it could be muscle building up.

Always remember rule No1.

Stay sexy.


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