Light treatment

So three weeks ago I started light treatment, photo-therapy or UVB, to name a few of its titles. It essentially involves getting blasted by UVB radiation at small managed time increments that is meant to help eczema. Before starting light treatment I was put on to a few different creams to help my skin that didn’t work so this is just the next step for me in trying to manage my eczema.

Recently I read a friends post on Facebook about how great light treatment was for her psoriasis and how it has cured her of it. For I her I am grateful and happy that she has a cure for her psoriasis. Her advice on the matter I didn’t agree with.
Here are my reasons why:

1. A cure for 1 is not a cure for all- this was brought up by a comment on the post indicating that maybe encouraging  every to ask, seek out and under  take this treatment may not be great advice.

2. It is a time intensive treatment. My schedule involves being at the treatment center 3 times a week to Rd I’ve blast of light for 90 seconds which slowly increase with each visit, after 3 weeks I have made it 1 min 27 sec.

3. It gets worse before it gets better.  The light treatment dry out the skin and can make it incredibly itchy and flaky.  This for my has been the worst part of the treatment. Due to apparently having sensitive skin to light particularly on my bum and love handles, the time of my treatment cannot go up till they stop getting g burnt. This has cause my eczema to become aggravated and irritated.  So instead of it helping at the moment I am slapping on the steroid cream to get on top of it.


4. What happens once the treatment course is over.  This is one of the questions that has been bothering me. As with every treatment you are put on- great it works whilst I’m on it but it’s not long term now what? . Wait a few years and then start again? Am I cured after it? What if it doesn’t work at all? What if I am allergy to UVB light and it’s causing my eczema? Am I just going through this for nothing?

Having eczema all my life I am willing to try most things to see if it will make a difference.  Including indulging a doctor who decide I had scabies and treating me for that.  Clearly the treatment did nothing.  Light treatment is the latest thing to try, perseverance when it’s not working and trying to cope with a treatment that it’s making it worse before it gets better.
For all I am glad that that it works for a lot of people and hopeful that it works for me I would not recommend it to anyone unless they specifically asked me about it. Each week I lose 3 hours just going to receive 3 min 15 of treatment. I know this is not much compared to many different illnesses or conditions out there but this is me and my condition. At the moment I am hoping and wishing for it to work and that these 3 hours a week are worth it.

Trying to remain positive and optimistic,  always remember for ever success there is a failure. What may work for one doesn’t work for another.
Stay positive.


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