Why Should…?

Why should…?
This is the question that has been plaguing my thoughts this week.

Why should… eczema stop me doing the things I want? Eczema has always prevented me from being able to use certain cosmetic products. I’m 24 and have never had a bubble bath, used a sugar scrub or an off the self moisturiser. But why should my eczema prevent me form experiencing some of the simplest thing of pampering  myself.

All my life I have had prescribed moisturisers and omillionts to try and help my eczema, stop my skin from drying out and calming down flare ups. It not until recently that I have had a problem with using my prescriptions and that is mainly due to them not working. Over the past year I have had constant eczema on over 40% of my body. No matter how much moisturiser I put on or steroid creams I pump in to my skin it hasn’t gone away. When it gets to the stage where you have to moisturise 4 times a day because your skin won’t keep in moisture and you have to wash everyday to remove all the dead dry skin there is something wrong.

Why not go to he doctors you ask? Well I have done, 3 treatments of antibiotics and 2 treatments of steroids tablets, 2 tubes of steroid cream, new ointment and 1 year later I want to find something that may work for me.

Through the combination of ointments, omillionts and moisturisers I have managed to get my eczema down to a manageable level with the odd flare up.  The main things that worries me is that they are all parfum based. Showering with parfum, moisturising with parfum and using omillionts based in parfum for the last 24 years surely can’t be that fantastic for you.  I know some will say that if you’ve been prescribe it then it is safe to use, that’s fine but why put something on my skin to be adsorbed by my body that I wouldn’t eat.

What goes on your skin ends up adsorbed into your blood stream and body. How much parfum  has my body adsorbed over the years and what has it done to my insides. This has probe me to look in to alternative treatments, more natural treatments.

In looking in to homemade I have found multiple advice sites as to the ‘ultimate cure’ to eczema that will magically cure it’s so that it will never rear it’s head again. Eczema for me will never fully go away, it is about managing it and getting it to a level that it is not angry and inflamed. I honestly don’t believe if you have a topic eczema that you can get rid of it. But that is just my view,  until I can find that magic cure for me.


Through looking in to homemade lotions and other beauty products I have come across a few that makes me feel pampered and ‘normal’. The one thing that I have never had is a bubble bath,  skin scrub or non prescription moisturiser.


So far I have come up with a fantastic body scrub which I’m in love with. I have never been able to use a face wash with out feeling like my skin was shrivel up and fall off my face. So this we faces scrub that I now use is amazing and means that I can wash my face half way through a shower instead of just as I’m about to get out.  This small achievement means that I can now enjoy a shower and feel slightly special in my own wee way.


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