Why Should…?

Today wasn’t the greatest at work and was not the most pleasant but I survived and got through it. Afterwards I had a lovely trip to the dentists where nothing exciting happened. And I treated myself to some window shopping.

Window shopping is kind of pointless unless you specifically want to compare items in different shops. I love window shopping to get inspiration for different ideas and such for people’s birthdays or anniversaries. This is what I did for my parent last anniversary.

With complete lack of inspiration on what to get them and a helpful suggestion from my sister of “a nice candle” did not really cut it for an appropriate anniversary gift so off to the shopping center I went. After trailing round the  home ware department of several store I had a ingenious idea. An alternative vase with some home alterations and some wine glasses mum wanted a wee bit back and a bunch of flowers to put in them and I was sorted.
My hand writing is by no means legible at the best of times and was once described as ‘a spider has died it’s legs in ink and ran across the page’. So needless to say that putting some writing on the vase could have been a bit daunting but I love making  my hand writing ‘fancy’ every so over and copying others is not  problem.  Off I went to Pintrest (a guilty pleasure of mine) to find how to write happy anniversary in neat and decent penmanship.


The is one of the most effective gifts I have ever made and I am by no means crafty.
If you wish to try this you need:
-vase or object for you message
-glass or ceramic pens
-an over

It is so simple. If your great at Improvising then go ahead practice on the paper or straight on to the glass if your super confidential.

For me, I found an image of exactly what I wanted to write. First of all I looked at the individual letters and the extension of them. Then I put pen to paper. Pen is a great way to do it as you can’t rub it out and start again similar to when you do it on glass. I practiced several times to get it right and one I had I did it once more to make sure I had it down to par. Finally I got out my glass pens, selected the colors I wanted and went for it. This stage is not something to go at half hearted or it will go wrong. You have practiced therefore you know exactly what your doing.

An alternative is to print off what you wish to  write and place it behind the surface and trace through the glass.

Now bake according to the instructions let it cool and voila you have a fantastic thoughtful and beautiful gift or keepsake.

So why should… I not do something for someone else today? This is a lovely and thoughtful way to give someone something meaningful. Whether it is for a special occasion or for someone you haven’t seen in a while or want to make someone’s day this is a perfect day.


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