Why should… you make a diet change?

Earlier this month I made a decision to go cows milk free. Eczema and eating dairy is apparently linked. 

If you eat dairy it can cause eczema to flare up or is just the cause. Many people have said to me ‘ Why don’t you just change to goats milk?’. 

Until recently I never really consider this an option for several reasons. 

1. I grew up on a dairy based diet. I had eczema before I started drinking cows milk.

2. I grew up on a dairy farm.

3. I grew up on an Island where goats milk, butter and cheese were not accessible. 

4. why cause so much hassle and change to my life when my eczema was under control? 

So why did I make the change. 

For me it has been an option I have considered for a while but didn’t know much about. I started by gradually making the swap with cheese from ordinary cheddar to feta and small amounts of goats cheese.  This was fairly simple and feta can go with most food that ordinary cheese can. 

The next big swap was milk. Growing up I used to consume a lot of milk and even once I left home I still drank a lot.  Goats milk however istwice the price I’m my supermarket. This brought an abrupt halt to drinking 4 to 8 pints a week. I now only drink milk in tea, which is about 4 pints a week. 

What difference has the swap made? 

To my eczema, nothing. I still have my twice monthly flare ups and it is still here. 

To my body, however, is a different story. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my waist line. I wasn’t bloated and my body wasn’t having to process  as much milk, I felt better with in myself. 

So one month in to the swap what have I noticed?

I can no longer drink a latte of cows milk or have any cows milk in my tea. I also do not crave cows milk anymore.  Avoiding dairy when you are out for a meal, visiting family or eating on the go, is really hard. 

I was home over Christmas, everything has dairy in it. Turkey, Roast potatoes, parsnips,  bread sauce, stuffing, all have milk in them. For one meal I gave up my swap. I regretted it for the rest of the night. I was bloated unconfortable, my gut was in agony. 

In short my body has adjusted very quickly to digesting cows milk and did not cope with one meal. 

But I have to confess, chocolate has not been excluded so far. Chocolate is my confort food. At Christmas I was given a small selection of chocolate. That I am gorging on as I write this.  Once it is all gone, that is it. Cows milk is being completely removed from my diet.
Would I recommend this? 

It honestly depends on what your circumstances are. If you make all your own meals, do your own shopping and have the commitment to stick with it then Yes. Just remember to take milk round to a friends house when going for coffee. Also bare in mind that most coffee shops or restaurants do not stock goats milk. My next venture, soya milk for teas and lattes. 
Remember, you define who you are, You can change what you become. Make it positive. 


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