Why should you… make a new year resolution?

Every year I am always asked the same question “What is your new year resolution?”. Honestly I do not make them. 

Shock horror I know. Instead I make a positive change. 

Each year I decide on a change to my life which is achievable and is positive to my life or health. 

This year I made the change of doing a for of exercise every day along with getting some fresh air that does not involved walking to and from work. I live 500m from my work. 

My form of exercise can be anything from 40 squats to a full hour workout or  a day out in the hills. I just want to do something to keep me moving each day. 

I have no desire to change the way my body is or make a new me. I just want to continue to develop as me. I also know that if I set a resolution such as lose x amount of weight or build muscle, I would not. 

I’m not good at doing things in small doses. I am an all at once type of person. If I do a exercise programme I do not like building up I will go at it at max reps for about 2 weeks then give up.  

I am also very good at giving up.  I struggle with sticking with trends for a while, I have to be kept engaged mentally. If I do not mentally engage with something there is no point in me carrying it out.  

So me behind my positive change there is more behind it there than doing a simple for of exercise each day. It is about sticking to something for more than one or two week.